Here are snaps from the corner 5 @BritanniaClassic that I snapped from.

There was a great spot to take snaps at corner 4 @ BritanniaClassic 2015.


Here are a few snaps from corner 3 @Britannia Classic 2015

Here are the some snaps from corner 1 at Britannia Classic 2015

Thought it might be easier to group the snaps into the area in which they were taken. From the top of the course as racers got ready, start line and the first few pushes.

Captured a few snaps of a small crash. You can see the words forming in one racer’s mouth as he goes down.

Was up at Britannia Classic event on Sunday for the final race day. Perfect weather for the racers and to grabbed a few snaps.  Here are the first few. More to come over the next short while.

It should have been easier and yet it was challenging.  Produce 4 – 6 pictures which comprise a series of photographs which are related to each other through theme, technique, timeline, subject matter, or variations of an idea.  Subject matter is your choice. You have two weeks go.

After stumbling around, Jim our instructor suggested a walk through the neighbourhood.  Take a look at the common sites in a new way.  So I did and created a series of abstract work I’ve called Perceived Barriers.

These examples are from the colour composition and design assignment.  Choose a colour scheme: complimentary, analogous, monochromatic or split complimentary.  Then capture the shot in both low and high saturation.  All in camera if possible. In preparing for this studio assignment I explored some exterior situation that could meet the same parameters.

On Saturday morning, local Vancouver longboarders were going to meet up and ride down from Prospect Point in Stanley Park. However the day was grey overcast and misty.  As such only a few showed, but they still had a fine ride.