Interesting cement waffle exterior to an office tower in Vancouver, BC

Snaps of Lions Gate Bridge’s Stanchion, Vancouver BC, Canada. This was shot on film using a Voigtländer Vitessa T 35mm.


Havana Cuba has a wonderful array of architectural styles. Many have been fully restored and others are waiting for work.  Here are some captured while walking through the city.

Here is a collection of snaps focusing on details of the AMS Nest building at UBC.

Two views of the Graham Lee Innovation Centre at UBC.

Checked out Yuji Agematsu show at the Yale Union in Portland. Yale Union is a centre for contemporary art in Southeast Portland. Yuji’s work featured pieces of grime and muck collected while walking the streets of New York. Wonderful show. Here are a few snaps of the work and the gallery.


Headed south out of the city hoping to get some night shots of the sun setting however mother nature had another idea.  The clouds blew in well before the sun was going to set. Switching plans and went for a walk up and onto the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Alex Fraser Lines

Alex Fraser Lines (2 of 3)

Alex Fraser Lines (1 of 3)

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