Have been taking a course on Long Exposure taught by Sharon Tenebaum.  The premise is to teach the basics of fine art long exposure image making along with the post processing skills to enhance the snaps.  Here are some of the early snaps taken during the course.

To explore what kind of light is possible with small strobes four separate lighting setups were explored. Varying elements within the set-up were the number of small strobes 1 or 2 and the types of scrims, umbrella or diffusers.  Here are the set-ups and what was shot.

Lastest class is the Small Strobe Big Light, learning how to use speedlights in a creative way.  First up was an assignment that required to use a speedlight on and off camera, bouncing light and fill light.  The samples are


Sunday shooting session portraits with natural light for DIP

Natural Light Portrait Model 1

Natural Light Portrait Model 2

Natural Light Portrait Model 3

Natural Light Portrait Model 4

We gathered at Langara today to do our natural light portraits shooting assignment so we do not have our class on February 14.

DIP Shooting Session with Model 1

DIP Shooting Session with Model 2

DIP Shooting Session with Model 3

At my Digital Intermediate Photography class we had a still life shooting session.  We broke into groups to work at four separate studio stations.  This meant that there was some time to shoot other things while waiting for my turn to shoot the still life elements.

Here are three set-up shots and the fourth shot is one of the still life bottles with back lighting.

Set-up 3 shots:

50mm f1.2

50mm f1.2

50mm f1.2

Still Life Bottles Back-lit

I am currently enrolled in the Langara College Photography Program and working towards the certificate. Visit http://bit.ly/zrmY6Z

So far I’ve completed

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Basic Digital Workflow

Currently taking

  • Digital Intermediate Photography

Working on custom white balance in Lightroom using four models set up in four distinct lighting environments.  Then finishing to taste in Lightroom.

Model 1


Model 2


Model 3


Model 4