After posting other shots from the night shoot on McKibben Island in Pyramid Lake I was playing with multiple exposures within the shots and also stripping out colours.  I have settled on these two shots which I feel are a more interesting versions.

The location on McKibben Island is an interesting one. On March 26, 2011 the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) officially designated Jasper National Park a Dark Sky Preserve (DSP). One of the closest spots and niceest to Jasper to experience the dark sky  is Pyramid Lake and the small McKibben Island.  Well worth visiting. The location has some interesting history with early development of the town of Jasper and the railroads. However on this particular night there was a huge full moon.  That is why there is a lightness to all of the night snaps.

Here are a few vertical formatted snaps

On a road through Alberta, we had planned for a few days in Jasper Park staying at the Jasper Park Lodge.  The weather for the trip had been clear and sunny however it turned as we arrived in Jasper. It limited some of our activities but it just meant that we got a little wet. Plus it limited the night shoots.  Here are a few of the horizontal snaps.



There is an area on the south side of False Creek where you can look north up Davie Street. It is a unique vantage that has a clear corridor cutting through Vancouver to English Bay.  The night view of this area is quite interesting. I had just replace my ND10 filter after I dropped the older one and ruined it.  Here is a snap with the filter and an exposure of 4 minutes.

False Creek After Dark

False Creek After Dark

Went to Lighthouse Park for a hike on BC Day. Followed the trail to Juniper Point and watched a couple people practicing their rock climbing technique on the cliffs.   The only access trail that was below them had me shooting towards the sun.  I used the cliff face to block the sun and made a few adjustments in post to get these snaps.


With the weather being so mild I took the opportunity to go and try to create some interesting light trails.  There were a few spots that I had in mind. One was the SkyTrain Bridge on the south side where it crosses the Fraser River. This allows for the North Shore mountains to be in the shot and with no clouds adds some interest to the horizon.  The other was at the intersection of Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue.  The community business association has interesting light elements that highlight this area and there is a natural downslope to downtown Vancouver. These are the best snaps:

SkyTrain Bridge (1 of 2) Cambie & King Ed

Back in June spent a day on Pender Island visiting Sea Star Estate Farm & Winery.  The property has new owners and is preparing to create new wines.  These are a few snaps of the property.

Wednesday night was team Canada at Symphony of Fire. Hadn’t been out to the festival in years and wanted to practice shooting fireworks. Packed up my tripod, remote shutter and double checked my batteries. Purposely stayed on the Kitsilano side, specifically at Volunteer Park to get the towers of the West End in the snaps.  You always learn by doing and after reviewing my images after the fact I will alter my settings.

While waiting for the fireworks in English Bay to start I had my 10 stop neutral density filter on the Nikon 24-70mm lens.

Waiting for the Fireworks