Environmental Portrait

Exploring more uses of small lights, we had to shoot an environmental portrait with one light.  The strobe was the primary source of light and the available light was used to light the background.  Here are the best of the snaps…

Spanish Banks – An Evening With A New Lens

Acquired a new lens Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II. So first night, headed to Spanish Banks Beach area to catch the sunset and people out having fun at the beach.  Gathered snaps of a kayak, standing longboarder, canoe, plus people out for a walk and playing volleyball.  What a great lens.

Small Strobe Multiple Set-Ups

To explore what kind of light is possible with small strobes four separate lighting setups were explored. Varying elements within the set-up were the number of small strobes 1 or 2 and the types of scrims, umbrella or diffusers.  Here are the set-ups and what was shot.