These examples are from the colour composition and design assignment.  Choose a colour scheme: complimentary, analogous, monochromatic or split complimentary.  Then capture the shot in both low and high saturation.  All in camera if possible. In preparing for this studio assignment I explored some exterior situation that could meet the same parameters.

On Saturday morning, local Vancouver longboarders were going to meet up and ride down from Prospect Point in Stanley Park. However the day was grey overcast and misty.  As such only a few showed, but they still had a fine ride.

In this studio shoot we had to provide a series of shots consisting of up to three objects, black &white images, that reflect  the three major principals: balance, rhythm, and scale/proportion.  Also the images should support the sub-principals of movement, focal point, symmetry /asymmetry, unity dominance / sub-ordinance, emphasis, contrast and repetition.  My main subject for my shoot was a slinky along with some clamps.