Key Shifting Outside

We moved an evening Advanced Studio Lighting class to Sunday afternoon so we could be outside.  The intent was to work on Key shifting in an outdoor shoot.  Key shifting down making the background darker than subject in the foreground and key shifting up making the background lighter than the subject in the foreground.  All the while keeping in mind exposure latitude from 18% middle grey.  3 and 1/2 stops up to photographic white and 3 stops down to photographic black.

The sky was overcast and varied from light rain to sun peaking through during the shoot. Here are examples of key shifting up:

Key Shifting Up – Karyn

Key Shifting Up – Justina

Key Shifting Up Justina 2

Key Shifting Up – Karyn 2

Here are examples of key shifting down:

Key Shifting Down – Karyn

Key Shifting Down Justina


Hard Light – Soft Light

Our first take home assignment for Advanced Studio Lighting was to take several images using hard and soft light.  Just to recap hard light means a very small light source like an open strobe head, quartz halogen lamp or candle light in this case.  Soft light means a very large light source like a scrim or soft box. Here are two examples of each.

Hard Light (1 of 2)

Hard Light (2 of 2)

Soft Light (1 of 2)

Soft Light (2 of 2)

Advanced Studio Lighting

Fall class at Langara on Advanced Studio Lighting designed to provide a better understanding of how light works.  From this foundation you are better able to bring your photo ideas to life.  The first studio session was on key shifting in studio and shutter drag.  My submissions

Key Shifting Ava (1 of 2)

Key Shifting Ava (2 of 2)

Key Shifting Bella (1 of 2)

Key Shifting Bella (2 of 2)

Shutter Drag Studio (1 of 2)

Shutter Drag Studio (2 of 2)

Community Q – BBQ

Community Q Exterior Sign

Community Q Exterior Sign

Was out in Atlanta Georgia and searched the local food boards for recommendations on good bbq joints.  The top spot across them was Community Q in Decatur, just a short drive north from Midtown.   They do up a great St. Louis style ribs, beef ribs, sliced brisket and sides.  They had smoked sweet potatoes and kale that was fabulous.

It starts with trying to decide what to order off the main menu.

Community Q Menu Board

Community Q Menu Board

They also list out specials of the day which just complicate the decision.  So much too choose.  I chose a combo of pork and beef ribs along with coleslaw and the smoked sweet potatoes and kale.

Community Q Dinner Tray 1 of 2

Community Q Dinner Tray 1 of 2

Community Q Dinner Tray 2 of 2

Community Q Dinner Tray 2 of 2