There were two assignments that covered key lighting.  The first happen to occur on a cloudy grey evening which is such a rare occurrence in Vancouver.  The second evening was a little better.  There are my preferred snaps from those shoots.

On sunny and hot Saturday July 14, we headed up to see the practice and qualifying runs at the Whistler Sliding Centre.  My son wants to be a longboard racer so he was pumped to see some of his favourite riders.

More information about the event is available at Unkle.

Here are a few of the images:

The sunset last night was amazing driving home.  Had hoped it would be the same tonight.  It was not as dazzlingly however was able to put together a series of snaps taken at Vanier Park looking out onto English Bay.

On the way home from the Chorophone concert stopped in Gastown to get some snaps of light streaking.  Set up around the corner where Powell, Alexander and Water street meet.Gastown Lights 1

Gastown Lights 2

Gastown Lights 3

Gastown Lights 4

Gastown Lights 5


Went to a friend’s concert last Friday, Chorophone were opening for Bow & Antler at the Artbank on Powell. Check out their sound on their sites.  It was a great night.

The recent project for the Practical Lighting course was to match the lighting techniques used in some previous celebrity shots.  Our assignment was to select a couple of the shots and replicate the same light techniques.  It was an interesting challenge to decipher the lighting scenarios from the initial shot and create the same set-up in the studio.  Here are the shots along with the referencing shots.