For our next assignment in practical lighting we needed to shoot in available light.  This could be a mix of a variety of lights throughout Langara.  We used a model and placed them in our sitting capturing ambient light and then experimented with our white balance trying.  Here are some of the snaps.

Headed south out of the city hoping to get some night shots of the sun setting however mother nature had another idea.  The clouds blew in well before the sun was going to set. Switching plans and went for a walk up and onto the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Alex Fraser Lines

Alex Fraser Lines (2 of 3)

Alex Fraser Lines (1 of 3)

For a long time my son has been wanting to try Longboarding on the Seymour Vallley Trailway in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver.  The day was overcast but started to clear.

Longboarding Fast

Longboarding Towards a Turn