Recently visited the Iona Beach Regional Park that is next to the North Arm of the Fraser River at sunset. Played around and got some not bad snaps.


Iona_Beach_Park_Sunset (1 of 3)

Iona_Beach_Park_Sunset (2 of 3)

Iona_Beach_Park_Sunset (3 of 3)

Captured a series of snaps of Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park last night.  Experimented with a variety of f/ stops and exposures plus with a neutral density filter 10 stop filter.  In Lightroom 4, exported with no manipulation, simple manipulations plus image trimming and a couple of HDR images, colour and black & white. My favourite version has some simple manipulations and trimming.

We had to demonstrate the set-up and take down safely of studio lighting set-up plus a still life shoot. This session was structured to help students get more comfortable with the different lighting effects when using soft boxes, reflectors and other lighting fixtures.

These shots were taken during using a soft box, honeycomb reflector and in combination with the honeycomb reflector different positions of double black cards & white cards.

Having read about star trails and seeing many great examples, thought it wold be fun to create one. The challenge was not being fully prepared and not having all of the proper equipment.  Yet an opportunity came up to be at Suncadia Resort in Washington state near the town of Roslyn where the TV show Northern Exposure was filmed.

The night was clear, the moon was bright and next time I’ll be better prepared.  That said here is a composite of 11 shots.

Nelson Preserve Star Trail

Wanted to try out a neutral density 10 filter at night, so I went out onto the Granville Street Bridge.

Granville St. Bridge North

When out playing with the lights trying to get bokeh effects, the float planes of Harbour Air were quietly bobbing in Coal Harbour. Shot with two different lens the 50mm f1.2 & 24-70mm f2.8.

Harbour Air 50mm

Harbour Air 24-70mm


It was clear night and I wanted to explore the bokeh effect on the different kinds of lights surrounding the downtown harbour.  Here are some variations on that theme.


One of my recent photos was featured in The Globe and Mail’s Photo section – Moments caught on Camera May 11 to 17.  Here is a link Lost Lagoon Bokeh

Coal Harbour Bokeh (1 of 6)

Coal Harbour Bokeh (1 of 6)


Finally had an opportunity to play around with a new B&H Neutral Density Filter 10.  Went to Pacific Spirit Regional Park towards sunset and had some success.

Check these out.

My next class at Langara started last week, Practical Lighting.  When complete you are able to book and use the studio space at Langara along with all the studio equipment.

Here we are getting basic studio setup instructions. Safety First.

Pratical Lighting1st Class