Had high hopes it would be sunny today.  Most of the day was overcast but the sun poked through a few times.  Here are some snaps of the day at Cypress Mountain.

Overcast Ski Day (11 of 12)

Overcast Ski Day (3 of 12)

Overcast Ski Day (8 of 12)

Overcast Ski Day (4 of 12)

We had to gather a series of photos that reflected simplicity in composition, depth-of-field and motion for an assignment.  I chose to take all of the images within the classroom.  Here are some of the images from that shoot.

Classroom Exercise  (1 of 10)

Just unboxed this new lens

First Shots (1 of 3)

First Shots (2 of 3)

So here is mine, Seymour snapped using my 50mm

Seymour - The Cat

After making a big batch of cookies I played around with my 50mm lens.

Cookie Dough

Baked Dough

Had to pick up a few books from the downtown Library and brought my camera along.

Library Square

Library Students

Sunday shooting session portraits with natural light for DIP

Natural Light Portrait Model 1

Natural Light Portrait Model 2

Natural Light Portrait Model 3

Natural Light Portrait Model 4

We gathered at Langara today to do our natural light portraits shooting assignment so we do not have our class on February 14.

DIP Shooting Session with Model 1

DIP Shooting Session with Model 2

DIP Shooting Session with Model 3

Got up early to catch the sunrise this morning from Lions Gate Bridge.  Here are a few shots.

Vancouver Sunrise

Sunrise from Lions Gate, East

Sunrise from Lions Gate, east to Burrard Inlet

Lions Gate Bridge

Twilight Vancouver Skyline

At my Digital Intermediate Photography class we had a still life shooting session.  We broke into groups to work at four separate studio stations.  This meant that there was some time to shoot other things while waiting for my turn to shoot the still life elements.

Here are three set-up shots and the fourth shot is one of the still life bottles with back lighting.

Set-up 3 shots:

50mm f1.2

50mm f1.2

50mm f1.2

Still Life Bottles Back-lit