Playing around with my off camera flash and details for a project in the digital intermediate photography class at Langara.

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MacDonald (Dark Sky) Park

On a rare recent clear sky evening I drove out to MacDonald Park in Abbotsford, BC.  It is a designated Dark Sky Preserve and the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society is active there.


MacDonald Park E Moon Rise.jpg

Looking South from MacDonald Park.jpg

MacDonald Park E tree sign horz.jpg

MacDonald Park hdr 5.jpg


Lanagara Photography Certificate Program

I am currently enrolled in the Langara College Photography Program and working towards the certificate. Visit

So far I’ve completed

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Basic Digital Workflow

Currently taking

  • Digital Intermediate Photography

Soledad Mtn Lookout

Sunrise on Soledad Mtn lookout with a view of San Diego at sunrise.


In Ko Pah Co Park, CA

Headed out at sunset to the desert view tower in In Ko Pah Co Park outside San Diego: