Inca Trail – Day 4, Machu Picchu

Our final morning we were up early for the final 6 km walk.  There was one last steep climb before reaching the Sun Gate – Intipunku. The weather was cooperating and was clear and sunny.  The first view of Machu Picchu were spectacular.  After a short rest we made our way to Machu Picchu.  Before heading to the main gate and collecting our tickets to climb Wayna Picchu, the mountain peak next to Machu Picchu, we climbed up and over the upper guard house. I was able to get a picture of teh guard house without people around. That said we were lucky in that Machu Picchu was not overrun with people.  After Jose gave us an informative tour for several hours we our way to the gatehouse for access to climb Wayna Picchu.  The steep climb was well worth the effort. The reward at the top was a 360 degree view of the whole area.

After our climb down we took a bus into the town and had a late lunch at a French restaurant playing Leonard Cohn.  The food was great and the cold beer very refreshing. The town was a bustle of people and activities as seen in the images. We caught the 3:30 train and settled into the four hour ride back to Cusco.

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