Our final shooting assignment took place at the Queensborough boxing club in New Westminster.  It is the basement of a building in Queens Park so the lighting was pretty bad florescent lights.  However the boxing club was a great location with a lot of character.  The challenge was to selective light on what you wanted to keep in the shot and use darkness to mask the nasty bits.  The shot shown here were done with a four speedlight set up.  You can see from the location shot how the lights were positioned. One if front of the subject, one behind mounted near the ceiling for rim lighting and two behind the pillar. One of those pointing left has a red gel and the one pointing right has a blue gel.  Here are three snaps and the lighting set-up.

I really liked the Queensborough Boxing Club Bell mounted on a board and hung on one of the basement pillars.  As we were setting up I grabbed this image using just available light

Queensborough Boxing Club Bell


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