Corner 3 @BritanniaClassic

Here are a few snaps from corner 3 @Britannia Classic 2015

Corner 1 @BritanniaClassic

Here are the some snaps from corner 1 at Britannia Classic 2015

Start Area @BritanniaClassic

Thought it might be easier to group the snaps into the area in which they were taken. From the top of the course as racers got ready, start line and the first few pushes.

Britannia Classic – Accidents Happen

Captured a few snaps of a small crash. You can see the words forming in one racer’s mouth as he goes down.

Britannia Classic 2015 – First Few Snaps

Was up at Britannia Classic event on Sunday for the final race day. Perfect weather for the racers and to grabbed a few snaps.  Here are the first few. More to come over the next short while.

Cartagena de Indias

Had an opportunity to travel to Cartagena de Indias in Columbia. What a wonderful place with such a long and interesting history.  My travel was limited to mostly the centro district and surrounding areas because of other commitments.  Interesting area with lots of places to explore, visually stunning and very friendly locals. Plus amazing food, drinks and cocktails. Everything you need.


Wedge Building

Had to gather some images of the Flatiron Building in Gastown, sometimes called the Wedge Building. It is now the Hotel Europe. Wonderful looking building.

English Bay – Fast & Slow

Here are two variations of English Bay in Vancouver. The slow version was shot with a neutral density 10 filter. The other with available daylight close to sunset.

An afternoon in NYC

Having some free time before my flight back to Vancouver I undertook my favourite New York City activity a meandering walk. I started my stroll at 88 street in Central Park and walked through the trails grabbing a few snaps along the way. As I headed back to Union Square the sun was beginning to set so a quick side trip up the Empire State Building provided a  great vantage point.  There is nothing better then time on your hands strolling through NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge

Following dinner at Arrogant Swine in Brooklyn, hoped on the subway to the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge for a late night walk back into New York City. It is one of those shots you see of NYC and having not done it before wanted to give it a try. Packed my tripod thinking I would get some nice long exposure snaps. Did not plan for how busy the bridge was which meant that there was a lot of traffic shaking the bridge. Therefore the only way to get non-blurry shots was to pump up the ISO and a fast shutter.  Here are a few of the snaps that turned out.