False Creek

Wondered around Granville Island and across False Creek on a ferry to capture some end on day snaps. There is a snap of the houseboat’s mailboxes and throughway between the houseboats.

Okanagan Night Shoot

Set out on a night shoot and was not aware of the size of the moon, which was almost full. As such not much luck in capturing stars. That said a local had suggested visiting Green Lake near Okanagan Falls. Had some luck blocking out the moonlight. Here are a few snaps from the area and one of Penticton.

Grey Mountain Panoramas

Next to Whitehorse is Grey Mountain (Yukon, Canada) and from the top you get a great vantage point. This panorama was created with 12 images. The view is westward. It is easy to access the top by road however it does get a little rough. Once at the top it is a short hike along a clearly marked trail to the higher points along the ridge line.  Here are two panoramas each made of 12 images.

Grey Mountain, Yukon

Just next to Whitehorse sits Grey Mountain. You can drive up to the top of one of the ridges as a large telecommunication tower sits on top. The access road can get fairly rough so take your time as you drive up. Once at top there is a clearly marked trail to the north to access the higher points along the ridge. These snaps are from varies points along the trail to the north a higher elevation.

Takhini & Yukon River

Just outside Whitehorse to the north on Klondike highway #2, the highway crosses the Takhini river just where it enters the Yukon river. You can access both rivers through an access road just before the bridge on the south east side. Where the access road meets the river you’ll find paths to west along the Takhini river or west along the Takhini river to where it meets the Yukon river. A great area to explore. Here are a few snaps taken in the area.


Nares Lake & Fish Lake Road

With the sun up for so long you can cover a lot of distance in one evening and enjoy a few locations. The early grizzly bear photos were taken on the drive to Carcross and Nares Mountain. Also on the same evening headed out to Fish Lake Road just north of Whitehorse.

Grizzly Bear

Two year old grizzly bear on a ridge line above Klondike Highway #2 between Whitehorse and Carcross in the Yukon, Canada

Inukshuk Sunset

Was at English Bay watching the sunset and captured a few snaps as the time passed. Wonderful spot to watch the day pass by.

Corner 5 @BritanniaClassic

Here are snaps from the corner 5 @BritanniaClassic that I snapped from.

Corner 4 @BritanniaClassic

There was a great spot to take snaps at corner 4 @ BritanniaClassic 2015.