Britannia Classic Longboard Race

My son and I went up to Britannia Beach, BC to watch the final day of racing at the sixth annual Britannia Classic Downhill Longboard Race.  These events are a lot of fun to shoot. High speeds, colourful competitors and energetic atmosphere.  Check out the snaps

Zurich Switzerland

On a recent business trip to Zurich with a free day in hand, captured some of what Zurich had to offer.

Small Strobe Big Light

Lastest class is the Small Strobe Big Light, learning how to use speedlights in a creative way.  First up was an assignment that required to use a speedlight on and off camera, bouncing light and fill light.  The samples are


Zurich Quaianlagen Park Time Lapse

During the last night of a recent trip to Zurich, Switzerland it seemed a good opportunity to capture the city’s street life.  It was the first warm night in a week and the next day was a holiday.  Many people crowded along the Limmat river in Quaianlagen Park. What a perfect night to play around with short time lapse collection of images using a 10ND filter on the 24-70mm lens.